Values and processes

The constant movement, respect and admiration for nature are fundamental to our vision. Therefore we use natural mineral stones and most of the pieces are unique or a small series of pieces. Some pieces have movement or can be adjusted for use in different sizes. 

They are made with the slowness and patience that each handmade piece requires, with the intention that whoever wears one of our jewels will treasure it and give it a new meaning, as much as we do from the design until it is finished.

Also we are constantly learning to use the minimum or null amount of chemical products in the creation and packaging, creating sustainable pieces that help us to take care of our environment. We also work with silver and recycled stones.

We believe in collective work and craftsmanship, therefore all packaging is handmade by Magda type_of_cyan, Vanessa gadjodilo.handmade and Ana, women we admire and whose vision inspires and helps to complement our vision. Made of organic cotton fabric with dyes of flowers and plants from the Algarve with natural processes. Complemented with handmade compostable seed cardboard made by growingpaper_france.